Mission Statement

The mission of Crouch Engineering is to meet the engineering needs of railroads, railroad customers and government agencies using our experience and expertise to develop creative solutions and safe, efficient designs.

A Message From Our Founder

When Crouch Engineering was founded in 1991, there was a great need for railway engineering expertise – the kind of experience founded in actual on-track experience. The shortline railroad industry was beginning to blossom, and most railroads did not have an engineering department or any engineering staff. What they needed was an on-call engineering department that could provide all of the railroad inspection, bridge inspection, track design, geotechnical services, and construction project management services needed, without creating an overhead burden.

Crouch Engineering offered complete railway engineering, surveying, and design services to six short line railroad authorities in Tennessee, managing their railroad track and railroad bridge inspection and rehabilitation programs, including inspection, design, bidding, and construction project management. From that beginning, Crouch Engineering grew to serve Class 1 Railroads, over 200 Short Line Railroads, numerous government agencies and DOT’s, and more than 200 rail served customers.

Our first obligation to our clients is understanding their needs. We gain understanding through asking the right questions based on our experience and expertise, and listening intently to gain understanding and agreement. Once we understand our clients’ needs, we develop the most creative solution, or a choice of solutions that focus on safety first, efficient designs, conformance to railroad industry and regulatory standards and rules, precise plans and specifications, competitive bidding processes, and detail oriented project management and construction observation.

Our second obligation to our clients is to help them improve their bottom line, while allowing their employees to focus on their daily job duties, with as few distractions as possible, while Crouch Engineering manages and develops their projects. While there are many ways we can help improve a client’s bottom line, cost efficiencies are very often achieved by developing a complete and detailed scope of work, efficient, constructible plans and thorough specifications, a rigorous competitive bidding process, and professional project management during construction.

Please consider Crouch Engineering as your personal Railway Engineering Department (without the overhead burden). I assure you, we will work with you well, and help you be successful in completing your railway project within your desired time frame and within budget. Thank you to all those with whom we have worked in the past, and welcome to our new clients.

Harvey A. Crouch, MS, P.E.