Railway Engineering Experts

Crouch Engineering is a recognized industry leader and the go-to engineering firm for many railroads, private industries and government agencies throughout North America and internationally.  

About Crouch Engineering

Based in Brentwood (Nashville), TN, and licensed in 48 states, Crouch Engineering offers nationwide coverage to all of our clients. We have successfully completed projects all over the United States, from Washington State, to Florida, and From New Hampshire and Vermont to Arizona. Crouch has also completed projects in Canada, West Africa, Azerbaijan, and Australia.

Crouch Engineering maintains a staff trained and equipped to assist with your railway engineering needs. Our staff is just hours away from most project locations throughout the US either by driving or by economical air travel.

Because we have decades of experience and expertise, our work is highly efficient. For all of our repeat clients, we are at the top of their learning curve, and quickly share and gain the information needed to complete designs based on their individual design standards, and construction details through our easy to use, client-oriented FTP file sharing site.

Crouch Engineering has performed thousands of railroad bridge inspections and related load rating analyses across the US, including all eastern US states except Maine and Rhode Island, and most western states.

Our industrial development projects for railroads cover more than 20 industrial sectors, from mining to power plant generation, agricultural and manufacturing, automotive and port, etc.

Our clients have used us for emergency bridge inspections following impacts and fires, and derailment investigations in many states including Arizona, Washington, Kansas, Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and others.

Our survey teams and project engineers are ready to respond to other types of emergency situations on short notice. For example, on a Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) bridge construction site in Chesapeake, Virginia, a VDOT highway contractor had a crane overturn, dropping a bridge span on the Norfolk Southern Railway Port connection tracks. Norfolk Southern Railway asked Crouch Engineering to mobilize right away, and survey and design for a new connection track in order to keep port traffic moving. Crouch mobilized immediately, and had surveyed-designed and staked the new track in less than 24 hours.

From a small survey project, to an emergency situation involving the loss of a railway bridge, to a complex railyard design, we appreciate you considering Crouch Engineering for your next railroad or civil engineering project.