Key Utility Player

On most capital design projects, Crouch Engineering coordinates the utility research, establishes the location of above- and underground utilities and has them located and marked prior to topographic surveys.

Utility Research and Design

On virtually all of our capital design projects, Crouch Engineering, P.C. is responsible for coordinating the utility research, establishing the location of above ground and underground utilities and having them located and marked prior to conducting topographic surveys. Crouch Engineering works with local utility companies, government utility boards and commissions, and other utility owners to identify potential crossings, and determine the need for adjusting or protecting each utility. If there are existing utilities crossing railroads,   Crouch Engineering helps determine whether the crossing is covered by an existing agreement.

Crouch Engineering provides utility research, and coordinates field marking prior to survey and designs for all types of projects.

Crouch has assisted companies such as RailAmerica in setting up permit application forms and regulations, review and approval processes, and construction oversight for pipeline and other overhead and underground railroad utility crossings.

We routinely review utility crossing permit applications for many railroads across the USA.

For major construction projects, Crouch Engineering typically assigns one project manager the responsibility of utility coordination. Our project manager works with the railroad company or land owner to determine whether there are any existing utility agreements. The project manager also performs research to determine whether there are any existing utility easements, and what utilities are on site. In addition to calling the proper one-call number, the Project Manager contacts all local utilities and reviews utility maps, and where possible, downloads GIS utility system drawings so that all potential utilities can be identified.

Once utilities have been identified, Crouch Engineering works with the client and railroad to ensure that existing utilities are properly protected, and if necessary, utility adjustments, relocations, or casings are designed for utilities that impact the project.

During the construction phase of our projects, Crouch Engineering’s Project Managers coordinate the relocation or protection of above ground and underground utilities so that the project schedule is maintained, or improved. Crouch maintains a detailed database for each project, including utility owners, utility company contacts, lists of agreements, locations, data on the type of utility, the commodity being carried, whether underground carrier pipes are cased or not, and the proposed method for adjusting or protecting each utility crossing.