Smart Civil Engineering

Crouch Engineering relies on experience, innovation and the latest technology to provide you with a creative, workable, cost-effective solution that meets your civil engineering needs.

Civil Site Design

Crouch Engineering provides its clients with general civil engineering services for industrial and commercial site design, as well as transportation and infrastructure projects, across the US.

Some of the typical civil engineering services provided by Crouch Engineering include:

  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Civil Site Design
  • Pre- and Post-Construction Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Flood Plain Analyses and Modeling
  • Site Evaluations and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Grading Plans
  • Utility Design (Water, Sanitary Sewer, Gas and Electrical Connections)
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Building Foundation Design
  • Building Design
  • Drainage Structure and Detention Design
  • Highway, Road, and Driveway Design
  • Construction Staking
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Construction Project Management

Crouch Engineering routinely provides its clients with site feasibility studies, site evaluation and site selection for new industrial sites, including meeting with customers, preliminary planning, conceptual designs and preparation of engineering reports for the purpose of establishing new industries and their required railroad freight service and facilities. Tasks generally include data collection, mapping, environmental review and assessments, utility research, conceptual design, preliminary design, developing quantities, preliminary cost estimates, railroad service and capacity evaluation, highway capacity evaluation, storm water design and permitting requirements, etc.

Crouch Engineering also designs port and intermodal facilities, as well as inland ports and distribution facilities for ship to rail, and rail to truck transfers.

Crouch Engineering provides complete turnkey design and construction management services for new railroad freight yards, stations, offices, repair facilities, fueling and wash facilities, as well as industrial facilities.   Crouch Engineering provides preliminary rail planning, conceptual designs and preparation of engineering reports for the purpose of siting new railroad facilities and rail served industry, including coal mines, power plants, bulk distribution facilities, unit train loading and unloading operations for rock products, grains and coal products, maintenance shop facilities and appurtenances, bulk unloading facilities, intermodal facilities, line changes, sidings, yards, etc.

Crouch Engineering provides coordination between railroad operations, maintenance crews, and local agencies in the preparation of plans, planned construction outages, permit applications, procurement of utilities, new construction, rehabilitation under traffic, and other infrastructure improvements.

Crouch Engineering performs topographic surveying and uses existing mapping for the preparation of plans, specifications, bid documents and other contract documents required to bid projects. Construction management of railroad facility projects is routinely provided to our clients. Designs include new main line and sidings, yard tracks, buildings, bridges, site grading preparation and storm drainage, utilities, etc.

Meetings with potential and existing customers to determine shipping needs, number of cars to ship annually, building and track layouts and designs necessary for efficient loading and unloading, preparation of preliminary layouts and conceptual designs, and engineering reports of feasibility and preliminary opinions of probable cost.  Planning and preparation of engineering plans for new industry, assisting existing industry in expansion projects, and maximizing the use of existing and proposed facilities. Coordination with the railroad, industry representatives, local officials, and local industrial development agencies in the preparation of grant applications, procurement of utility and other infrastructure improvements and railroad service. Crouch Engineering, P.C. completes the planning study and engineering report required for grant and loan applications, attends the pre-application meeting, and follows Grant/Loan guidelines for preparation of project documents, bidding, construction observation, the review and approval of contractor invoices, project documentation and legal advertisements.