Bridge Engineering Services

As one of the premier bridge engineering firms in the nation, Crouch Engineering and its experienced team provide safe, practical, cost-effective solutions for bridge repair, rehabilitation and replacement. From load ratings and bridge design to environmental permitting and hydrologic analysis, we span the bridge engineering spectrum. All with compliance assured for FRA Bridge Rules.

Bridge Design Services

Crouch Engineering provides superior new railroad bridge, existing railroad bridge rehabilitation and highway bridge design services.

Bridge Inspection Services

Crouch Engineering has the staff expertise and experience to inspect all types of railroad bridges, and report conditions conforming to AREMA guidelines and FRA requirements.

Bridge Capacity Load Rating

Crouch Engineering performs bridge capacity load ratings for many railroads and all types of railroad bridges, conforming to FRA Bridge Safety Rules (CFR Part 214)

FRA Bridge Compliance

FRA's rules for Bridge Safety Standards (49 CFR Parts 213 and 237) create tough new standards, mandates and reporting requirements. Crouch Engineering's SmartLine™ program helps you to stay in FRA compliance.

Bridge Project Management

Crouch Engineering goes beyond the normal bridge inspection and rehabilitation design process, using creative solutions and creative designs to reduce bridge repair costs and eliminate or reduce long term bridge maintenance costs.


  • FRA Bridge Compliance – We will design a custom program to assure compliance and fulfill your needs.
  • Bridge inspection – We will develop a program and perform annual inspections or work with your existing inspector to enhance your program and meet FRA requirements.
  • Load Ratings – We will collect the required data and load rate each bridge as required by the FRA, following AREMA guidelines.
  • Rehabilitation Design – We will design a repair required to meet a desired load rating and provide for the safe operation of trains over your bridges.
  • Documentation of Records – You're required to maintain comprehensive information for all your bridges. Let us help you organize, back-up, and store your data, with easy access via the web.
  • Bridge Design – New railroad bridge, highway bridge, or rehabilitation of an existing structure
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses for bridges and culverts are routinely provided in our design process, as well as environmental permitting.